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Audendum est: fortes adiuvat ipsa Venus

“Audendum est: fortes adiuvat ipsa Venus”

(“Be bold: Venus herself aids the stout-hearted” – Tibullus)

I remember that, when I first came here and spent a few weeks at the Uni, I had realised that the University here was… as I’ve always dreamt it. Open 24/7, possibility to borrow up to 50 (yes, ladies and gentlemen, FIFTY!) books per time from the library, expert teachers speaking an incredibly good English, bikes everywhere, weeks of classes, lectures and activities to welcome the new students to a new system, strict control during the exams and severe punishments for the cheaters, professors thanking you an infinite number of times per day for having chosen their University, teachers that invite you to contact them via e-mail, phone, mobile, in person for any need, answering your e-mails in less than 24 hours and that threat you as a valuable resource for the future.

This was my first impression and as the time passed I couldn’t help falling in love with my new University.

I’ll try to tell my story, step by step, about how you can move to Sweden to follow a dream, with a few savings but always smiling thinking about the future.
P.S.: some of the posts that I will publish as been firstly published at the following link:http://blog.liu.se/matteovalencic/