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New room, new apartment, “new” furniture!

“I’ve got all the money I’ll ever need, if I die by four o’clock.” Henny Youngman

I knew that here the life was more expensive than in Italy. But I still didn’t have the time to realise how much more expensive it was. (After having lived almost 9 months in this country, I have to admit that there are a few ‘luxuries’ that are far far more expensive than in Italy, but, overall, if you work here, you can manage to survive more than decently 🙂 ).

One positive thing about my new room was that I had a wardrobe built in it, so here it was something less that I needed to buy. Together with my new really kind Swedish flatmate, V., I paid a visit to Ikea the very first day (I mean, it was actually the second, since I had arrived around 10 pm the previous night) of my staying.

I didn’t need much stuff to begin with, just a bed with a pillow, a table and a chair. I did consider to sleep on the floor for a while, but after the first night, I’ve just decided that a bed was needed. You need to sleep well to live (and consequently think and study) well, as much as you need to eat well to live (and consequently think and study) well.

Gosh, once we started looking at the prices of the single beds in Ikea, my hearth bit doubled in a few seconds.